I’ve read a lot of reviews about this book and almost every #indianbookreviewer has read Perumal Murugan, so I was keen to read ‘Poonachi’.

    But I confess I’m literally disappointed it’s like a children’s book but not for them due to adult content (Don’t hate me for saying this). I read and even re-read the book last night to seek some ray of knowledge but it’s just Allathu Oru Vellatin Kathai.

   Maybe the book didn’t please me bcoz of the hype or coz I’d read 5⭐️ reviews of famous #bookbloggers (as I never read a book based on other peoples opinion) or maybe because I’ve heard similar plight of farmers and cattles from my relatives who belong to Marathwada (central Maharashtra).

   Survival has become tough for them coz of very scanty rainfall, there’s no water or food left for humans so cattles have been sold or left to die due to lack of fodder and water. The government only increases their horror, people are leaving the villages…lot of things.

   Some might argue the poetic effect given to the life of Poonachi and that of women in rural India, the mother-daughter love of the goat and her caretaker old woman but than its bland.

   However the star of the story is the writer Murugan and the satellite translator N. Kalyan Raman, the amazing writing style makes the book a page-turner. Otherwise even a goathearder can narrate the life of the goat with the same nobility (don’t believe me go and sit with a passionate goat and sheep hearder in India).

   Lot of respect to Perumal to narrate the reality of rural India and I hope the other part of India and even the world relate to it. We become responsible towards nature.

My favorite sentence from the book.

‘Even an enemy should be welcomed with courtesy. If we curse and drive away the rain that brings us wealth and prosperity, why will it ever visit us again?’

Preface Postscript Acknowledgement

Do you read foreword/ preface/ acknowledgement when you start reading a book?

Personally speaking I skip them. Yes! Even the ‘about the author’ paragraph. I find them to be spoilers and read them only after completing the book.

Now that’s me, but I also know a few people who have absolutely no idea why every book has these out if context stuff written at the end or in the start of a book. Without actually defining these words I’ll try to explain what do they mean, why are they printed and most importantly why do I read them last.

1. About the author– It’s a short ‘myself’ about the author and I skip them coz knowing about the authors background sometimes make you judge about the characters or their nobility.

2. Introduction– a brief writ at the start of a book dictating the purpose and goals behind writing the book (well I always read it in the end this way I know if the purpose is fulfilled)

3. Foreword– short intro of the book and author usually written by a literary starlet (OK first let me build my own views of course you’ve written only the fancy stuff)

4. Preface/ Proem– (to be honest How many of you have heard about proem) Jokes apart this is an introduction of the book by the author (can I read all your LA LA later and decide whether to join the party)

What comes first preface or forwarding?

5. Prolegemenon-a critical outlook of the book. Worth reading but mostly related to fixed genre.

6. Endnotes– explanation/ comment at the end of the book to acknowledge & provide explanation.

7. Postscript– any addition made, although not attached to main work ( this is an interesting part mostly seen in later editions of the book, it usually carries confession on a controversial topic)

8. Acknowledgement– (my favorite part)but Its interesting to read this in the end. Here the author conveys his regard to the publishers,  editors, beta readers who helped him write the book, his lovely family (almost all the writers love their family) to maintain complete peace in the house, his cat, dog, nurse, housekeeper, readers,  breeders almost everyone.

Did I miss anything or interpret something wrong. If Yes, Please write your foreword for my article in the comments. I’m eagerly waiting to read them.

Do you agree with my absolute nonsense rituals and ideologies while reading. If yes, we can be read along buddies.

About the writer of this article
Fatima Khan is a practicing dentist based in Mumbai with a profound interest in writing poetry, spilling them online, reading, gardening etc etc .Super Talented . She enjoys life at leisure  whenever not working.

She was never able to define any terminology in her school and college life due to lack of sincerity towards mugging. Hence the write-up doesn’t comprise of any definition but general meaning.


What girl would remember anything or protect herself after being drugged?

Enduerer is a brave story. It’s not a brave story coz its a rape story nor is it a tale of a battle heroine. It’s a message to the society by vulnerable women who endured the worst calamity on them. Neither does the book suggest all men are rapist, in fact my favorite character from the book is Rohin.

The story starts with big daddy teenage kids, friendship and their carefree life. They go in a rave party, enjoy alcohol and drugs but one of the girls (main character) gets raped and the very next day her sex video is circulated around the campus picturing a different story.

How the protagonist finds about what happened that night? Why did it happen to her?  Who are the culprits?  How she fights to get justice? How does it impact her life? Is the main theme of the story.

I was very skeptical while reading this book as to how will the author prove the rape of the protagonist to be a heinous crime while showcasing her to be a swanky upscale chic student who’s a regular alcoholic and drug abuser. To be honest these are the most critical cases where even the judiciary shows no sensitivity (forget the hypocritical society).

But Kapil Raj has given a coherent closure, that’s why I said its a brave story.

Alongwith it the book also highlights stories of Sethani and Meethi who suffered similar catastrophe but under different circumstances. It also deals with the hurtful decisions mothers take to safeguard their children.

The feeling of right or wrong is subjective, but many times we repent our actions which seemed right in the past and which we could have easily controlled or ceased from happening if only for good sense.

Every plot in the book has a definitive meaning, language is legible. The coverart looks beautiful although I’m still interpretating it’s meaning.
I think I need to start going to art museum I’m really bad in modern art.

Highly recommended for college students with a statutory warning that it’s not a self help book to turn rave but a self education kind of book to be careful with friendship and to enjoy within limits.

Wuthering Heights

‘A feind of a book- an incredible monster… The action is laid in hell, only it seems places and people have English names there’
I wish I’d read Dante’s appraisal before but then when have I ever bought a book reading reviews.

‘Wuthering Heights’in colloquial terms maybe,  called as ‘Gothic Romance’/ ‘Gothic Fiction’. But I would like to use a better term ‘Catastrophic Romance’. If you believe ‘All is fair in love and war’  your fit to read the book.

Spoiler Alert: All the characters in the story are hypocrites, immoral or rather stupid.

The story starts with the arrival of Mr. Lockwood whose rented Thurshcross Grange to escape the society. Part of the narration is about what he observes on his stay and how the illusion of Catherine shakes him up to learn about the affairs of Wuthering Heights and it’s occupants.

The liaison between the Earnshaws and the Linton and the wilting of the two family due to the unexplainable love of beautiful and careless Catherine Earnshaw and ill-mannered and brash Heathcliff is the theme of the story.

I felt so terrible reading the book that I wanted to stop it midway but I couldn’t sleep without learning Heathcliff is dead. That’s when I felt the book is having a demonic effect on me, when have I ever wished someone to be killed.

My sympathy would always be with the Linton family and that Nelly Dean, the main narrator and head servant of the Earnshaw should have been punished for culpable demise of her masters.

But finally the book ends on a happy note. 
The two least perilous and terrorized character live a happy and loving life.

Even though I dislike the book, it’s the beauty of the writing that keeps you hooked and that’s the sign of a genius, spellbound writing.
This book is a classic literature, for Emily Bronte’s imagination and her fearlessness to write a story so cruel yet original, needs plaudits.

Emily Bronte died of tuberculosis at the age of 30 in 1848 (to connect with the book Linton Heathcliff also suffered from wasting illness). While the book was published in 1847, it attained it’s grandeur much later,  unknown to Emily alive. Wuthering Heights*m is her first and only novel which was first published under the pseudonym Ellis Bell just like the other Bronte sisters (Jane Eyre).

She was told to have an unusual character unsocial, introvert,obstinate, reserved yet very intelligent. It’s said her stubbornness to not see a doctor led to her death,  I sometimes pity her, maybe,  she is judged because of the characters she created.

She burned too bright for this world.

Where will man take us

Mathematics, statistics, data sciences,  astro and quantum physics.
We know all the particles.

This is the age that Kepler and Galileo fantasized about on Sundays.

It’s is a unique book and I would only recommend it those who have patience and a passion for futuristic foreknowledge.
It’s like a textbook for crash-course in everything technology; chiefly artificial intelligence.

The book is loaded with information about nanotechnology, robotics, genetics, bitcoin, blockchains, quantum mechanics, astrology, coding , simulation, transhumanism, cyborg etc.

But here’s the best part.
Although, the author has discussed an array of topics which is divided into 5 sections and 26 chapters each with a flow of introduction, problem and possible conclusion, you won’t feel lost.

The author also puts forth an idea about ‘ME MODEL’, a holistic, complete data version of one individual made by assimilating information about one person from different mediums ranging from FB,  banks to hospital and bar.

Atul Jalan effortlessly manages to drive his reader from the history of technology where Turing questioned “Can machines think” through AI to an idea of singularity.
Leaving his readers to ponder upon the question
” Where will man take us “

According to the author and many other scientist there are two things that will happen if science progresses to Artificial Super Intelligence (the highest level of AI) either we shall go extinct or attend Immortality.

We are the transitional generation between the Homo Sapiens and The Super Sapience Sapiens, I would say.

Why are we heading for such supreme intelligence ?

ASI has not been achieved but the pace of evolution is accelerating. And as we achieve ASI, Homo Sapiens will cease to be humans and enter a transhumanist stage. But do we know what this stage will bring.

The rise of the powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.
-Stephen Hawking

If he can and many others like Elon Musk worry about the uncontrolled path we are heading, and the power being suspended to a few people.

Whether it’s to fill the gap by God’s particle,  or man’s desire to be God. Whether it’s are ignorance towards the power we embed in technology or the wishful desire of a few to supremacy through technology.

One hings, sure we are heading to Singularity. The only problem we don’t know how we are going to fare on Judgment Day.

Why do I read self help books??

Do you read inbetween appointments or  project, while sitting at leisure in your office?

Well, I do.
And I mostly read self help/ health/ business related books to keep myself motivated yet not too immersed and drifted from work.
Although I’m a fiction/ thriller/fantasy/romance reader sometimes fictional history too but you will often find me reading self-help genre.

People often ask me why do I read these books
So here are my reasons, they may sound hilarious but they are outright practical.

I read them …
◾️To dissolve frustration after a difficult case.
◾️To avoid boredom esp when it’s raining heavily an appointments are cancelled.
◾️To keep myself galvanized.
◾️I can’t read dental journals and books all the time they are too heavy for my lap.
◾️Sharpen my vocabulary, yes they help.
◾️To increase my reading speed, ultimate technique try.

Now the most important question do these books help?

Well nicotine patches can Help you stop smoking but it only works if you Want to stop smoking.

Do you find any of your favorites in the stack?

Have you ever read a book which changed your life?

Let me know in your comments.

May the All Wise Bestow You Wisdom

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